About Us

Traditions since 1942, with, among others, the Pousada de Santa Luzia in Elvas, was established in 1976 as Public Company Limited Company and as in 1992, having as main purpose the development and exploration activities in the tourism sector.
It is the only entity legally enjoy use of the trademark "Hostel" as hotelier.
The Enatur currently have for the granting to private initiative and overseeing the operation of hotel establishments Network Pousadas de Portugal, as defined in applicable legislation.

Social Object

1. the company provides for the granting to private initiative and supervision of the operation of motels network of Hostels in Portugal, as defined in applicable law, as well as:

1.1-conservation and restoration of monuments and other buildings of historical-cultural for tourist use, provided that integrated or for integration in the network;

1.2-prospecting and recommendation for tourist exploitation in the context of the Pousadas de Portugal spaces available belonging to the State.

2. Incidentally, society can assume direct exploitation of motels network of Hostels in Portugal since the transitional effect of cessation, albeit ill-conceived, transfer of exploitation and until new transfer are awarded within the framework of the continuation of the parent object.

3. the company may still participate in consortia or groupings complementary businesses, as well as in societies is different from your object, since that of limited liability.
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