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Traditions since 1942, with, among others, the Pousada de Santa Luzia in Elvas, was established in 1976 as Public Company Limited Company and as in 1992, having as main purpose the development and exploration activities in the tourism sector.
It is the only entity legally enjoy use of the trademark "Hostel" as hotelier.
The Enatur currently have for the granting to private initiative and overseeing the operation of hotel establishments Network Pousadas de Portugal, as defined in applicable legislation.

Strategic Orientation


Under the legal regime of the state enterprise sector and the Statute Manager Public, the State as shareholder of ENATUR - Empresa Nacional de Turismo, SA (ENATUR) provides, in this paper, the strategic targeting specific the Board of Directors of the company, for the term 2020 to 2023, which will be the coordinates of essential governmental action of public officials belonging to that organ, and the commitment to excellence in management that those to be elected managers take to shareholders.
The strategic guidelines contained in this document could be translated in more detailed objectives.


Constitute the guiding principles for management of the Company ENATUR:
1. The implementation of a philosophy of professional management, based on appropriate skills to increase the capacity to generate wealth in towards the fulfillment of their duties;
2. The adoption of best management practices, according to the principles of good government of public enterprises;
3. The development of an organizational culture focused on excellence performance through the use of a set of business practices reference, enabling the company to success in the path of seeking the corporate sustainability, based essentially on the philosophy of management covering the economic, environmental, and social ethics.


1 - Ensuring the monitoring of the execution of the Operation Contract signed on 8 August 2003, with the Assignee Grupo Pestana Pousadas and subsequent Amendment.

2 - To accompany, check and monitor the quality levels of the service provided by the"Pousadas", so that the levels of excellence which position the"Pousadas de Portugal" brand as a reference in the national touristoffer are maintained.

3 - To care for the preservation of the national and private property made availableto the Pousadas network, accompanying the grantee in surveying conservation needs.

4 - Follow and monitor the development of the internationalisation strategy for the "Pousadas de Portugal" brand, as defined in the Amendment to theContract of Transfer of Management, signed on 25 September 2008, with a view toverifying compliance.

5 - To promote the reduction of ENATUR's bank debt, which in 2019, is approximately 7.5 million euros.

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