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1. The Company's Purpose (Mission) giving the private sector and overseeing the operation of hotel establishments Network Pousadas de Portugal, as defined in legislation as well as:

1.1 - Conservation and restoration of monuments and other buildings of historical and cultural value to facilitate its use for tourism, if they are integrated or integration in that network;

1.2 - Prospecting and recommendation for tourist in the context of the Network of Pousadas de Portugal of available spaces belonging to the State.

2. Secondarily, the Company may assume direct operation of hotel establishments Network Pousadas of Portugal, since the transitional effect of the dog stops, even though untimely, and the transfer of the operation until a new assignment will be awarded in the pursuit of object.

3. The Company may also participate in consortia or group of complementary businesses, as well as in societies other than their subject, since limited liability.